Whidbey Island drive

We drove to Langley and Fort Casey on Whidbey Island

On the ferry over to Whidbey Island.

We spent some time wandering around the antique and craft stores in Langley. This is a chair my dad was thinking of reproducing in miniature.This is where we ate lunch.

I really like this cactus arrangement that I saw in one of the stores.Downtown Langley.

The lighthouse at Fort Langley.The coastline off Fort Langley. You can see the bull kelp out in the water.

This is the lens that was used at the lighthouse.Eric in one of the concrete bunkers that make up the fort.

Many of these holes were scattered all about the fort. They're the remnants of speaking tubes, the precursors of telephones. When they were operational, they were labeled with the location at the other end. They could actually still be operational today if they hadn't been plugged up.All kinds of watchtowers, bunkers, and cannons.

The business end of the cannon. Notice the spiral pattern inside. This caused the shell to rotate for greater accuracy.

We figured somebody must of used the cannon for target practice at some point.

Many of the bunkers had stalactites coming from the ceiling.

This is from inside the lookout tower.My dad and Eric and the beach.

Eric can't resist the temptation to juggle when he spots some well-sized driftwood.My dad collected stones to use in mounting artwork.

Deception Pass.Looking east from the bridge over Deception Pass.

Eric got vertigo on the bridge. Is it any wonder, taking pictures like this?