We went to the WOMAD music festival in Marymoor Park. There we met Grace and Gary Burd and their daughter Hannah, and Mei Poon.

Hannah puts sunglasses on me. After some practice, she got pretty good at putting sunglasses on herself and other people.

Hannah having fun with her mom GraceGary and Grace

The main stage before the Peter Gabriel performancePeter Gabriel, as seen on a picture taken through binoculars.

Folks twirling colored cloth with a weight on them. It's the latest thing at these kind of festivals.Getting a cucumber facial for free at the festival

These punks stood out amidst the majority of more hippie style festival-goers.The main entrance gate to Womad.

Selling hash pipes close to the camping area.We were hoping to see a real Grateful Dead parking lot type scene in the Womad camping area, but everyone was at the festival, so it was very quiet. Some of the vehicles were interesting, though.

These long ribbons on flexible poles were used to make colorful patterns in the sky, like writing in cursive.These dancers on the outskirts of the crowds did a very unique, highly personalized and spacey dance.

Earlier in the day we made a quick trip to the Bellevue Art Festival. They have some high quality arts and crafts there. Too bad it's in a parking garage.