Festive Saturday

The Seafair Milk Carton Derby at Green Lake, Max Parmacek's birthday, the Heritage Festival at Marymoor.

These two boats were in the racing competition, look very sleek and fast.I think this one was a family entry.

This one is cute--it's modeled after the "toe truck" in Seattle.The hula girls with their hula boat.

A modified swim floatThis lady is the official milk carton derby inspector. She goes around and makes sure that people don't use too much duct tape, etc.

This flimsy contraption competed in the adult races. They didn't do too well.My guess as to what a "sheriff explorer" is some kind of boy scount career exploration thing.

A very heavy-duty paddle boatThese boys did pretty well in the kids racing category.

The Pringles man. No free samples, though.Sparky the Wonder Dog has his own web site.

A modified exercise bike provides the power for this oneEric next to one of the seafair hydroplanes.

This group of guys competed in the racing category, but they were very slow!This man's boat was modeled on a crewing skiff, very sleek. He put a sliding device from a rowing exercise machine that he got at a garage sale onto it. Other materials came from the Boeing Surplus Store. It was designed by his dad, a retired Boeing engineer.

He won, of course.The crowds watching the race

These kids used fin-power!A modified bicycle works as a power source as well

Some boats got turned around. Others fell off their boat and had to hang on to it.Sylvia and Victoria at Max's 3rd birthday party.

Max enjoyed his cake!Younger brother Parker enjoys chewing on anything.

The kids have fun playing in the sprinkler. They would get some water in the cups, put it in their mouths, and spit it out again as far as they could.

Visiting some garage sales on the way home.In the afternoon, we went to the Heritage Festival at Marymoor park. Here I am throwing an ax at a display they had on old-time recreations. I didn't do too well.

The Washington Civil War Association put on a recreation of a civil war battle at Marymoor, complete with canons and calvary.

Lots of women were dressed in period outfits.

Later, at the encampment, the soldiers were dismissed.A high-ranking officer and his wife.

They also staged a mock operation on a wounded soldier. Sanitation was not the best.Old surgical implements.