Folklife Festival, Picnic

Eric and Sylvia check out the Folklife Festival in Seattle (many hippies) and then have dinner at a Chism Park with The Burds

In general, the street performers weren't that great. A lot of them had about 5 seconds of actual tricks such as juggling, etc, then 5 minutes of back and forth with the audienceThis guy gathered an audience by laying down on beds of nails and broken glass.

Another performer, juggling long knives surrounded by men supported by eachother's laps.Playing the violin and doing the hula hoop at the same time was this girl's stunt

This bluegrass musician has quite a collection of harmonicas! Lots of impromptu bluegrass jam sessions happened at the festival.The bluegrass groups looked like they were having the most fun.

There was a craft section, where kids could make small kitesPainting henna designs

Jumping rope with a very short rope to make it extra challenging, to the beating of drums.The central fountain shoots off water in a somewhat random pattern designed to get you to try to time it so you can run in, touch the fountain, and run away without getting wet.

Here's Eric trying to touch the fountain.And me about to try it.

The girl playing the violin was very good.This boy knew how to perform. He would look people in the eye and smile. A born showman...

Eric liked the sound of this groupWorking on the frame of a fabric-covered kayak.

These guys got pretty acrobatic in their dance.We listened to this group quite a while. Lots of listeners around this group were doing what I'll call the Grateful Dead dance, for lack of a better word (very unstructured, swaying around)

At Chism Beach Park, Hannah had lots of fun playing in the water and going down the slides.

Eric did too, when he remembered to pull his head in because the roof was very low. Hannah said, "Again, Eric!", wanting him to go down the slide with her so many times that Eric got exhausted!

She needed just a little bit of help getting up the ladder.

Lots of Canadian Geese around, these with half-grown goslings. You could see (and step in) evidence of the geese everywhere...Eric and I pulled out the juggling clubs towards evening.

Gary got a great shot of us juggling against the Seattle skyline.