Sammamish River Trail

Eric and Sylvia go for a bike ride on the Sammamish River trail.

A typical stretch of the Sammamish River trailAn old railroad bridge

In addition to building another bridge across the Samamamish River, a lot of (expensive!) salmon habitat restoration work was done.

Long stretches of the trail are straight and would be uninspiring if you were walking.  Biking is about the right speed.We saw these two men in Army uniform, and asked what they were doing.  They have to do a physical fitness test every year or so and have to run 2 miles in around 19 minutes, depending on age.  They used this straight stretch to time the runs.

Further down the road we passed the Army reservist who was being tested. He was walking, and we did not think he was going to complete the neccesary 2 miles in 19 odd minutes.Turf farms are along the trail... well as horse pastures.These tree trunks in the creek are supposed to be for salmon habitat restoration.

More tribute to salmon.This is where Eric and I stopped on our fourth date, about a year ago, and had a snack.

We stopped at a different park for a snack this time.Canoeists on the Sammamish.  Not too many of them go the whole way; there's too many long straight stretches.

The first Bothell schoolhouse, from the late 1800's, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

On the way back, we stopped at the Chateau St. Michelle winery.  Apparently these grapevines are just for show, and they buy all the grapes that they make wines with.

The sides of this little stream were cut straight down.There's some peacocks wandering the grounds.

This woman was taking her bird out for a walk.  The colorful stuff on the back is a harness.  Her boyfriend walking with her had a gray parrot.

We met Eric's friend Ramin, who worked with him at Microsoft, running along the trail.Everybody was out today.  The woman with the golden retriever is Susan Bosworth, wife of Adam Bosworth, who is the founder of Crossgain, Eric's new company.