Easter Weekend Outing

TulipFest, Deception Pass, Terry and Sue's Widbey House

On Easter weekend, we headed for the Skagit TulipFest.  It  was fine when we got there around 10:45 am, but within half an hour, it had become so crowded we were inching along the rural roads.  We gave it up and had lunch at Deception Pass, then went to visit Terry and Sue at their Whidbey Island vacation home.
Workers in the fields were gathering tulip stems just before they bloomed.Apparently they will last in cold storage for 2 weeks.

We chatted with this field worker from Mexico for a while.  He noticed that I was shivering and said, in Spanish, "It's not cold!", not expecting that I would understand and reply.  A very friendly guy, he's been the the US since 1972 without learning English.Experimenting with macro photography.

Tulip fields

And daffodil fields

They had pony rides as well.  This little girl never got used to it, and cried the whole time.Deception pass was beautiful and uncrowded, unlike the TulipFest.

It was a windy day.  I didn't have a barrette, so I tied a blade of grass around my hair.  It worked, too, for a while.Limpets in a  tide pool.

A little too much sky in this picture.  Next time we ask someone to take a picture, we'll ask them to include the feet--that way we won't end up with too much sky.Great views around the point.

This guy didn't look like he had any fear of heights at all.  Eric and I got this close as well, but we were on our stomachs.The Deception Pass bridge.

In Oak Harbor, on Whidbey Island, there was a huge display of support for the 24 servicemen and women held in China, who were returning to Whidbey Island that day.At Terry and Sue's house on Whidbey Island, their daughter Rachael does the hula hoop

A bald eagle out on the water.  The sand was dangerous here--it looked solid, but if you stood in one spot for a while, it could sink in on you.The bald eagle flew into a nearby tree when we got too close.

Gregory looking for crabs under rocks.Sue and the new puppy, Lucky Lady.

The whole family.Here's the area underneath a rock that we moved.  You can see tons and tons of little crabs if you click on the picture and bring up the large image.

We found a shrimp under a rock, too.Some of the houses on top of the cliff used to have stairs leading down to the water.  None of them were maintained, though.

The root of this tree had some large stones embedded in it, which survived the uprooting and a stay in the ocean before the tree drifted to shore again.On the (12 minute) ferry trip back.