Alki Point

A walk along the beach to Alki Point.

Much of Alki Beach has a great view of the Seattle area.That's why many of the old houses along the beach are being replaced with these expensive city-view condos.

There's a lot of abandoned old piers along the Alki waterfront.  You can see the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline in the background.The Alki Beach area is extremely popular with scuba divers.  This appears to be a whole class of divers, coming in from the water.

This young daughter of a scuba diver wanted to reclaim her boulder.

The first white settlers in Seattle came here, to Alki Beach. They didn't like it here, though, and ended up moving to Seattle, across the bay.  Plaques along the walkway commemorate these events.Here's my attempt to take some artsy pictures.

In the fifties, the boy scouts erected this mini Statue of Liberty along Alki Beach.

There were a lot of sailboats in the bay.  I think there was a race, because they all seemed to be going in the same direction.  More divers as well.Believe it or not, this is Seattle's oldest house, built around 1858.  With the vinyl siding, though, you'd never know that it was old.  We talked to one of the neighbors who said that the floor is completely wavy.

The Alki Point lighthouse.