A Tour of the UW

Eric and Sylvia take a FREE tour of the Univeristy of Washington.

This junk heap is actually considered art!There is a status of George Washington to whom the University is dedicated.

This is Red Square, the center of campus.There is a parking facility beneath Red Square which requires ventilation.  Because a single stack looked weird, they built three!

These cameras take photos which are placed on the web so that students can check if it's raining out.Here we have architecture from the 20's, 60's and the 90's, respectively, left to right.

One of the largest libraries is undergoing earthquake retrofitting!  We just had a 6.8 magnitude in the past week!More "art"

This is the Physics building with more "art" representing an orbital of electrons.Here is a Foucault Pendulum.

A cool sundial design.Forestry management is big in Washington State.

The original pillars brought from downtown Seattle where the University first got it's start in the 1860's.Ivy covered building - very university like.

This is (was) the home-economics building.  There are statues of women all over the corners doing varieties of tasks.  There is a single status of a man.  Can you guess what he is doing?  Let me tell you that this was built at the turn of the century!  Answer:  he's directing the woman with a list of tasks!The original university building which used to house students, classes and the administration.