Visit to the Beaudette's

Eric and Sylvia visit Chris and Judy Beaudette.

We actually had some snow the morning that we left (from Seattle), and the plane had to be de-iced.This is Chris and Judy's apartment in Dover, New Hampshire.  They're renting the top left-hand apartment.

This is Gert (sp?), the van that Chris and Judy drove east across the US.  It has some engine problems now.Eric and I took a walk around the neighborhood and took some photos.  It's a very nice old-fashioned New England town, with a lot of great Victorian looking houses.

There's some really old houses here as well.  The small sign on the left says Dame Tebbett's Tavern, circa 1730.

This is the Dover public library.Here's the inside of Chris and Judy's apartment, looking towards the kitchen/dining area.  It's very sunny and roomy.

And this is the living room, with Eric in it.  Also very sunny.Judy and Chris, back from their run.

Eric playing with Fractal.Later in the day, we went for a walk in a Odiorne Point State Park   Very chilly!

We all made shadow people.Sylvia and Judy on the rocks

Sylvia and Eric on some driftwood.Eric trying to pull at an abandoned anchor.

We found lots of old lobster traps on the beach.This majestic looking old hotel is being renovated.

We stopped at an old cemetery (they're scattered everywhere here) and marveled at the old tombstones

We met up with Chris (he had to work) at the Cafe Kilim, a coffeehouse with a Turkish theme.On the way home we stopped at Shaws, a grocery store, to pick up some steamed lobsters.  Because Eric and I were taking pictures of them, the guy behind the counter asked Chris and Judy, "Haven't they ever seen a lobster before?"

A lobster dinner.

Chris demonstrates the way to get the meat out of the lobster.

On Sunday, we drove around Dover to take some pictures.  This is the famous Leaning Barn of Dover.And here's the local covered bridge.  We didn't take a very good look at it, because it was so cold and windy Sunday that we didn't spend more than 5 minutes outside the car.

Dover is a mill town.  The mill has been converted to office space, but they left the smokestack.

The waterfall next to the bridge.The Dover municipal building

We climbed up this green tower to get a view of Dover, but didn't stay up more than a minute or so.  Although it was sunny, it was very windy, and, as they say out here, "wicked cold".The bundled up figures on the right are Sylvia and Eric.

Chris and Judy pulled off their scarves so that they could actually be recognized.The Dover Delite ice cream shop, closed for the winter.

The Loyal Order Of Moose in Dover.We took a drive up along the Maine coast, and stopped a couple times along the way.  This couple crossing the road provide a graphic illustration of how cold it was.

This is a lobster pier that Chris and Judy have eaten lobster at a few times.  Eric and I learned that a lobster pier is a place you can go to where you can buy steamed lobster, bring your own side dishes, and eat right there.Another beach park that we stopped at, driving up around Maine.  Only Judy and I got out.  Eric timed us--we were out 4.5 minutes before we got too cold to continue.  It's funny to smell the ocean smells, and see snow at the same time.

We also stopped at the Nubble Light House in Maine.  Judy stayed in the car, keeping it warm for us.

The lighthouse has a cable trolley to the mainland.  Previously, supplies were transported to the lighthouse via buckets hooked on the cable.On our way back home, we stopped for lunch at a cafe in Portsmith.

This is the view from the back of the cafe.Judy was telling me to keep an eye peeled for a widow's watch, and we finally saw one.  It's the glass-enclosed structure built at the very top, where the "widow" can look to the sea to see if perhaps her husband's ship has come in after all.

Back at the apartment, we have some hot cocoa.This is Chris and Judy's new car, a snazzy Toyota Corolla wagon.

This is a chair that I thought might look good in miniature.Eric, Judy, and I went for a walk around town Monday morning, and checked out the covered bridge again.  Most of the construction, especially roof, looks pretty new.

Eric and I, about to head to the Manchester airport.