Woodland Park Zoo

A cold weather trip to Woodland Park Zoo.

The gray mousy-looking bird is called a Specked Mousebird.This looked like a mating dance to me...

We figured that the water for the hippos must be heated--the temperature had gone down into the 20's the past few nights.The Komodo Dragon.

A close up of the Komodo Dragon's tongue, which they smell with.This is an "enrichment exercise" for the orangutans, so they don't get so bored.  Basically one of the employees came around and showed her little toys.

Eric looking cool and studly in front of the elephant area.  We're waiting to get into the baby elephant area.This is the baby elephant, as yet unnamed.  Cute!

...and playful!A birthday party at the zoo while we were eating lunch.

Penguins--they love the cold water.The grizzly bears were pretty slow...

and lethargic.The otters, on the other hand, were a lot of fun to watch.

WolvesBaby kangaroos

The snow leopards (mother and two young ones) were very playful.  About to attack...Mother comes by...

And walks on.  She doesn't care anymore.A tiger, watching us intently.

A Gila MonsterAn iguana