Apple Orchrd Visit

We drove to Eastern Washington, hoping to go apple-picking.

We were going to go apple-picking in the Wenatchee area, but it was a couple weeks too late.  So, we just went for a drive and checked out the (mildly cheesey) Washington Apple Commission.This is the new way of growing apples--on heavy-duty stakes in the ground.  This is a demonstration plot at the Washington Apple Commission.

We did pick a backpack full of  apples, too, from an orchard that had been picked already.  They must have been frozen a couple times, because the temperature had gone down to the 20's a few nights in a row, but they were still great.This is one of the fans that's used in freezing weather to prevent cold air from killing the blossoms.

Feeding the cats some beef jerky.  Their motto: "I'll act like a turkey for some beef jerky."