Misc. Pictures

Assorted trips in November including Seahawks football game at Husky Stadium and a hike up Mount Si.

The fit and trim Dinarte Morais.We went with Dinarte to a Seahawks game at Husky Stadium.  The mascot came into our area here.

A bike ride along the Samamamish River Trail.

Teasing Kassi Kat with turkey

On a hiking trip to Mt. Si with Jean and Kelly Kincaid, Jean found a mushroom that we thought was a false morel.  I looked up the false morel online, though, and it doesn't look like this.  Jean is taking a mushroom class at Bellevue Community College.This is the biggest mushroom we found--didn't know what it was, though.

Jean and Kelly on top of Mt. Si.Jean and Kelly freezing on top of Mt. Si, about to eat lunch.

It was sunny while we were on top of Mt. Si, but on the way back home it looked like it was about to start snowing there.Eric's company, Crossgain, had a company movie event that I went to.  This is Adam Bosworth, the founder of Crossgain, sticking out his tongue for Eric's picture.