Weekend trip to Whistler.

This trip inaugurated a new camera, a Cannon Elph.  Here's some of the very first pictures from it:

And here's the view from the road on the way up, between Vancouver and Whistler.  Quite scenic!Eric and I weren't alone on the trip--there were some other couples and families with toddlers and babies who came as well.   Here's some (not all) of the small fry that came with on the trip.  This is Jordan:

And this is Hannah:We stayed with Rich and Jane at their condo up on Whistler Mountain, in Creekside.  The view is outstanding!

The condo feels very homey and lodge-like.  Here's some of the rooms:

There was a ongoing moose theme in the condo.  If you look closely, you can see 2 moose in the bottom picture.

Rich and Jane's dog Madison enjoyed the cool stone floors on during the heat of the day.

Jane, Rich and Eric went golfing at the Whistler Golf Course Saturday afternoon.  I hung out with them for a couple holes while they played.  The view was tremendous!

Saturday afternoon Gary and Grace, and Eric and I rented bikes and took a ride around Whistler.  I'm happy in this picture because I found a patch of ripe and juicy thimbleberries.This is all of us with Green Lake in the background.

You could take an float plane tour of the Whistler area from Green Lake.Late Saturday afternoon we used Gary and Grace's lift tickets and took the lift up to near the top of Whistler.  The view kept on getting better the more elevation we gained.

There was a large cafeteria at the top, but it was closed that late in the day.One company offered helicopter rides for something like $79 dollars for 8 minutes.  We contented ourselves with taking some pictures of the helicopter.

Eric and I hiked up to a little mini peak--it was one of those things where when you get to what you think is the top, you see that you've actually only reached a little knob of the ridge.  It was good enough for us, though.

Saturday evening we had dinner at a great restaurant called Quattros in Whistler.  There were 8 of us, and we had a separate room all to ourselves.  Superb food!

On Sunday, Gary, Omri, Eric and I went on a guided mountain biking trip.  Jeff was our guide.  He's lived full time in Whistler the past 3 years, the past couple years he's worked as a lift mechanic assistant in the winter, but this year he's hoping to be a snowboard instructor.Omri and Gary riding down the the mountain

Sylvia finally got up the guts to go over this sew-saw type thing that's supposed to build your skills.  She did it successfully 3 times before...Yeoch!  That's a grimace of pain, not a smile.  And Eric took this picture before comforting her...

That wasn't the only fall we had.  Omri had a couple falls to his name.  Here's the evidence.