Snoqualmie River

Hiking the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River.

The trail was pretty flat, so there weren't any great views, but there was the Snoqualmie River.  Right at the beginning of the trailhead, there was a beautiful wooden footbridge.

A closeup each of us.  That funny thing on my tongue is a salmonberry.  They come in two varieties, one pink colored (like salmon flesh) and the other a dark red (like the one on my tongue).  They're not that flavorful, but they are plentiful in the woods.

Here we are having a snack on the riverbank.  Nobody else was around to take our picture together, so we took each other's picture.

Here's was the view from our lunch spot.  Maybe the back end of Mt. Si?  Probably not.

On the way home I went swimming at Chism Beach Park on Lake Washington while Eric took pictures.  The water was great!  There's a superb view of Seattle from the park.

Luckily my sports bra doubles as a bikini top, and my shorts as a bikini bottom.