Seattle parks

Out and about in Seattle parks.

Eric's in his new office, with a view of the mountains.We were going to rent kayaks on Lake Union, but it was a little too windy for comfort, so we wimped out.

Here's the view of Mt. Rainier from Seward Park in Seattle. I think this was one of the clearest days in recent history.

Eric was teasing the Canadian geese, throwing them bits of grass and pretending it was bread.

These people were actually feeding the geese for real.

Some pictures with Mt. Rainier in the background.

In the afternoon we went to Discovery Park in Seattle, to watch a production of Henry IV, Part One by Greenstage, a local amateur theatre group.  People came with blankets and picnics.

This is the final fight between Henry and Hotspur.  Henry kills Hotspur, and holds him in his arms while he dies.

Later in the evening we did some massive batch cooking, planning on freezing most of it.  Eric doing some double-fisted stirring here.