Lake Washington

Eric and Sylvia go canoeing on Lake Washington and also go to Greenlake Park.

We went canoeing Saturday close to the University of Washington.  Lucky for us, we had our own canoe, and didn't have to wait in line to rent a canoe.  Evidently, from the announcements on the PA system, there were more than a hundred people waiting.There's lots of bird life around there--it's kind of a wetland area.  Heron...

...LOTS of Canadian geese (a big pest around here)...and I think this was a young bald eagle.  Eric, however, thought it wasn't.  Who was right?  I was.

Here's another heron, this time with Mt. Rainier in the background.There's some really beautiful waterfront houses around this area, called the Laurelhurst area.

We fed some ducks at the Arboretum.

...and then went to Greenlake, thinking of renting some rollerbladed.  Ended up not doing that, just walking around.  For some reason, Eric's beard had a session of really heavy growth right around then.  See below.

More canadian geese...otherwise known as rats with wings.