Lopez Island

Bike camping on Lopez Island.

Eric relaxing against driftwood at our Spencer Spit State Park campsite...right on the water.This tent really does hold 2 people pretty comfortably.  Eric is lofting up his new sleeping bag on top of the tent

The rest of the campsites, and Orcas Island are in the background here.  Sylvia is competing for space with the rest of our junk.After we set up the tent, we went for a bike ride WITHOUT the backpacks (they were really heavy, and threw our weight off when biking, but fortunately it wasn't too far from the ferry landing to the campground).  This is Eric overlooking Fisherman's Bay.

This is back at the state park, after our bike ride.  This is right outside our campsite.We met some people digging for clams on our walk around the spit.  There were two families, with a bunch of kids.  Their legal limit would have been somewhere around 70 pounds, but they weren't going for that much.  Apparently some species are good steamed, and some are best fried.  You can tell where the clams are by looking for their little breathing holes among the gravel. Plus, sometimes you can see them squirt water out of the hole.  Notice the piles of clams.

This is Sylvia at the tip of Spencer Spit.

This is a cabin on Spencer Spit.  Evidently a guy called Spencer built it.On Monday we biked south on the island.  Lopez Island has lots of farm and pasture land.  These cows weren't very friendly--wouldn't eat my grass offering.. There were lots of calves around--maybe that's why.

This is Sylvia at Agate Beach, the furthest south we got.  This is an old seldom-used dock.Action shot--Sylvia riding her bike right around Shark Reef Park.

Shark Reef Park had a lot of beautiful outlooks.  You could see the lighthouse on San Juan Island, where we were about 3 weeks ago.  There were some serious rip currents between the islands, to the point of having whitecaps on the water.  Looks like there's a couple rivers in the water.Sylvia at Shark Reef Park.  San Juan Island is the one on the right--you can just barely make out the lighthouse on the tip of it.

On our way back we stopped at Bucky's Grill for a late well-appreciated lunch.  Eric is happy.  He is not on his narrow hard bike seat.Back at the ferry dock.  We misread the times and got in a little early.

...just in time to meet and chat with the designer of this Vision brand recumbent bicycle.  This guy on the right just bought one, the designer is out of the picture.Taking the ferry back.  I'm not pregnant, I just have a bunch of junk in my pocket.