Bike Ride

Sylvia and Eric's 4th date!  A bike ride on the Sammamish River/Burke Gillman Trails from Marymoor Park to Gasworks

We left Marymoor Park at about 9am.  Here we are at about half way into the bike ride.

On our way to gasworks, we stopped at the University of Washington to peruse the stacks in the library.  Sylvia wanted to see a collection of Horatio Alger books as well.  Here is a view down the mall.  Mt. Ranier is lost somewhere in those clouds!We found some 'interesting' sculptures in the library.  At least they made cool sounds when we pounded on them.

Here we have one of the reading rooms in the main library.  Evidently reading is not the only pastime here.

There were some neat looking, old-style chairs here as well.  Sylvia figures this would be a neat piece for her father to replicate in miniature.After the University, we finally made it to Gasworks Park.  Needless to say, our rear-ends were quite sore from the 28 mile trip!

After tooling around gasworks for a bit, we rode into Fremont and had lunch at at a Greek restaurant. Just outside the restaurant was a bus stop with some 'permanent' patrons.