In a tent safari resort

Some roadside pictures

On the way to Tarangire, we saw this bus which had gone off the road

At Tarangire National ParkAn elevated platform at the entrance to the park - monkeys everywhere!

Safari vehicles waiting for their entry permitTsetse flies are attracted to these black and blue flags, which are sprayed with insecticide

Baobab tree with a big hole in it

Kenny enjoyed standing up in the truckTarangire had many beautiful baobab trees

Our first ostriches

Hanging out in the shade

Guinea fowlThe wood of the baobab tree is very soft

The bark at the base of the baobab tree is frequently torn off by elephants

A whole flock of ostrichesOur very first lion!

The lobby of the lodge in TangarireOur little tent

Inside it was quite comfortable, with a toilet and bathroom. There was electricity just a few hours a day, but there were a few solar powered lightsView of the valley from our tent

I found this tick crawling on my body. Luckily it hadn't yet started sucking my bloodYech - a monkey had gotten inside the tent, and pooped on the tank of the toilet!


Beautiful clouds

I think these were our first close-up elephants.

Lilac breasted roller

From 6 PM to 9 PM, you could charge cameras and phones in this charging area in the lobby, which was a hot mess of cablesThe zipper to our tent lodges had these funny attachments, which were meant to prevent the monkeys from opening the zipper, which otherwise they were apparently good at

In Tangarire there were many elephants, and very close to the roads

Nursing baby elephant

The elephants do this interesting move, where they brush off the grass, which is quite dusty, before eating it

Kids playing cards in the lobby of the lodgeEvening at the lodge

Morning view of the valleyThere were baboons everywhere.

Scary bridge

The "sausage" tree. Kenny said the fruits were very hardAt an overlook of a river

Jackson found a stick insectWe frequently saw zebras in this position. I think it allows them to see predators in all directions

Lots of weaver bird nestsPeter took this picture of a giraffe

Lots of birds picking insects off the giraffe

Lots of oddly shaped termite mounds

A classic

More nursing elephants

We got some Masai blankets