Masai village

We see a Masai village, local school, and visit Ngorongoro Crater

Visiting a Masai village - Kenny and Peter got to dance as well

Fancy footwear

They got everyone jumping...

They had an enclosure for little kids. It had a sign saying "Masai school", with a blackboard and some numbers, but I'll bet it was just to keep the kids away when the tourists were aroundA demonstration of fire-making

We saw many of these types of villages from the road - it was interesting to get inside them

Spear throwing

A Masai hut

The stove

At Lake Manyara National Park - there were so many birds that some trees were white with bird droppings

These cattle were frequently on the side of the roadWe visited a boarding school that Tauck tours supports.

Triple decker bunks in the dormitories. The students had just come back from vacation, so things were still in disarray

At the library. All the books were donations from the United States (for instance, the Magic Treehouse series, etc). I wonder if the children are interested in reading books that took place in a setting so utterly unlike theirs

They gave a presentation on the school

Our kids played soccer with their kids, and were creamed.The players

A nicely painted map of Africa on the wall.

At Tloma lodgeEric and I tried taking a walk down the road. It was very dusty, though, with many safari trucks driving by

At Ngorongoro Conservation Area

It was misty and foggy higher up

In the crater - taking a video while standing, while the roof is up

Cape buffalo

Secretary bird

Crowned Crane - national bird of TanzaniaWildebeest were everywhere

Peter was tired with the early morning wake-upsThe first time we saw hippos! They weren't hard to find, and always stay in the well-marked "hippo pond"

The available rest areas were quite crowded with safari trucks

For lunch we "circled the wagons"

Dust storms in the distance

BaboonsView into the crater

On the drive back to the lodge

Coffee bushes at the lodgeThey had extensive vegetable gardens

Some pictures Peter made at a paper-making event