Day 3

Camp Siberia/Anderson Camp to Enchanted Valley

Hiking up to Anderson PassThe "throne" is right on the trail

About to drop our packs to hike up to the glacier

It was really nice to get up and have a view

The lake that was formerly Anderson Glacier

Lunchtime on the way down to Honeymoon Meadows - this is where I left my long-handled titanium spoon!

We saw lots of grouse

Getting closer to the Enchanted Valley

A creepy area of overhanging fallen trees

Across the river here is where we think we saw a bear

Finally - Enchanted Valley!The old cabin at Enchanted Valley, built in 1930

Our campsite at the Enchanted ValleyThe note we left for Larry and Tiffany

An improvised windscreenUsing a stick to eat, since I lost my spoon. Bonus - it's disposable!

The elk herd was pretty close by