Part 4

Wallawa Lake

We had planned to spend some time at the library in Hermiston, using their wifi and figuring out our next moves, and how to avoid the forest fires. I was not impressed to learn that the library was closed for two days for...carpet cleaning? Seriously? It seemed like a very poor and depressed town.Ended up using the wifi at McDonalds. Peter stepped into a spiny plant, and these were all the spines Kenny picked out

We stopped for a walk in the town of Elgin, and took a look at their old jailhouse.These deer were eating grain from the grain elevator

Our campsite for the night, just outside of Joseph.

There was a tiny swimming holeThe kids enjoyed trying to befriend some of the local cats

At Wallawa Lake, we took the tramway up to Mt. Howard. This is an old abandoned lodge just next to the tramway base.On top of Mt Howard

I took a short hike on my own to a nearby peak

Lots of this florescent green/yellow moss on the trees

Camping at Wallawa Lake State Park. Deer were everywhere, crowding people at picnic tables.

On the West Fork Wallowa River Trail

The kids had a great time banging on sticks

Renting kayaks at the marina

Riverside walk

A park just north of Wallawa LakeHeading north on Highway 3. An interesting area, with deep canyons.

An old highway