We stayed in a vacation apartment in Kuchl, south of Salzburg

Peter walks!The bells at the Georgenberg church

An automatic toilet seat cleaner in SalzburgThere was a religious procession in Kuchl the day after we arrived. Lots of little kids participated, all in traditional dress.

We ended up following the procession for a while

This was Ken and Ann's landlady

Lots of shooting!

On our way home, fun stuff at the playground

These horses were also on the walk homeThe burg at Werfen

The town of Werfen

These boys improvised a soccer goal

A spic-and-span yard

Another view of Werfen

We took a hike up a steep path near the restaurantThis old house was along the path

This old fence was put together - just sticks leaning on each other, but still quite sturdy

Along the hike...The way down was extra steep

Peter and I stayed home the next day while everyone else went to the Salzbergwerk. They put on the white suits for a little extra protection from the cold and dirt

The underground border between Austria and GermanyOld style mining

A smart car - so cute! We saw them EVERYWHEREI saw this a couple times. No regular license plate, instead, this funky barcode type thing.

At the castle in Golling

Torture equipmentDiorama of early humans

An old clockWe had ice-creams whenever it was sunny out

The town of GollingThe Golling church and graveyard

A pretty stone wall

This collection of little "leprechan houses" was build along a stone wallA house along the street where our vacation apartment was

Ann, Kenny and I took an evening walk to the playgroundKuchl has a beautiful little swimming lake

And the playground was outstandingThe next morning I took a walk in the morning with Kenny

Gorgeous day

Then we drove to HallstattThis interesting old building stands here in Hallstatt, unused and unrestored

Another great playground in

An old putt-putt golf course

An interesting way of making a wall. I wonder if it was finished?

I stayed in Hallstatt once when I was in my late teens, at a youth hostel there, which is apparently no longer in business.

Another one of those funky license plates

One of the classic views of Hallstatt

The graveyard in HallstattThe Charnel House - where all the bones are stored. I remember it from when I was a child.

Hallstatt rooftops

This near-antique was what we used as a high chair for Peter in Hallstatt

It was apparently also a potty-seatKen enjoying a beer

Meat and knoedel for dinner

Kenny had some pastaWe took a boat tour

Kenny got to steer a little

Kenny is pretty wiggly

Ann did some painting while we were on the boatWe walked on the "upper walkway"

An art exhibitI think the youth hostel I stayed at was somewhere around here, but I couldn't find it.