The actual wedding was in Grainau, a small resort town in southern Germany

Petra and her sisters sing a songLanding in Munich

The terminal was very impressive - very open and airyThe holiday apartment that we rented in Grainau.

It sure had a great view!In Kenny and Peter's room

Grocery shopping at AldiAnn in the parking lot of the Aldi

An unusual bench...Another view of our holiday apartment

We took the Kreuzeck gondola up to a nearby mountain

The view from the top

Relaxing at the house

This looks like the remains of an old house foundation

Peter, like Kenny, does not like walking on prickly grass.

At Neuschwanstein castle - an automatic popcorn machine! Cool idea...

Kenny loved to sit with Tim and Toby and watch them play the Super Mario game on the Nintendo DS

The kids table at the gasthaus, before the wedding

This is what we had for desert...huge!

Brian did some caricaturesPetra and her sisters

Petra and the flower girlAt a restaurant - Petra's mother and aunt play with Peter

Dinner at our apartmentWe brought some legos with - they were useful!

Some massive dandelions!Kenny at the wedding rehearsal

Getting ready for the real thing...The wedding - Tim and Toby, nephews of Petra, were the users. They were very nice to Kenny, and he loved them.

Kenny tried hard to match steps with the flower girlHe looks pretty focused

Kenny and the flower girlThe horn blowers

Some friends of Kevin's

Petra looked wonderful

At the reception

Brian made some caricatures

Kenny got some legos as a present. That kept him occupied most of the evening, thank goodness.

Eric had some fun with them too...

Petra and her sisters sang a song. Also, one of her sisters did some belly dancing, but we had taken the kids home by that time...We took a walk around Garmish Partenkirchen. Brian was leaving for his Eurail pass trip the next day, so we checked out the train station

An actual manual typewriter for sale!

Some property listingsOn the left was our landlady. She baked some wonderful cakes for us. Turns out her birthday and Anns were one day and one year apart.

The internet was available at random times in the hallway, where the wireless access point was.Kenny climbing the rocks in the yard, just before we left

We had a picnic in a park, halfway to Altheim