We visit my relatives in Altheim

My Tante Elfriede, in the kitchen in Altheim

Kenny got to look through a collection of doll furniture

Looking at the ceramicsMy cousin Claudia in her store

My aunt Lisl in the storeFrom the left, Tante Lisl, Claudia, me, Tante Elfriede

The old Moestl house

A wreck of a house next door - used to be a backery...or a millThere used to be a mill here, but it fell apart

Some other houses down the street

The playground at the Weinlechner Platz was great. There were things there that you never see at American playgrounds, I'm sure because of liability issues.

This is the stable next to the old Moestl houseThe signs are still up from when my Onkel Erich practiced veterinary medicine here

The waiting room

A small animal xray machineAll the old instruments

The old living room

Claudia has installed a very modern new woodburning stove...and redone the kitchen nicely

Kenny found a massive snail in the back yardLooking back at the house from the backyard

The next day, we walked to the graveyard where my father and other relatives are buried. This is the brewery which is right next to my aunt and uncles house - surrounding it, actually.A bike trail has been developed in the area

An assisted living home is being built right across the wayThe Muelbach

Kenny walking on the trail, towards the skate park

Luckily we had a rain cover for Peter's strollerLooking at the Ache

The road towards the St. Laurenz church

This house is now a museum - I remember when it was just a house

The St Laurenz church

My father's graveThe Weinhaupl family grave

My grandfather, grandmother, and uncleAssorted old gravestones

Inside the church

The Rathaus, or town hallAnother of the 2 breweries in town

The bridge, going towards the markt platzThe Zillner's is where we stayed

A map of AltheimThe main square

The modern looking building is my cousin Claudia's storeWe had coffee and cakes at my cousin Markus' coffeehouse. In the background are my tante Anni and onkel Karl

An assortment of cakes at the coffeehouseLuch at a local restaurant

My aunt helped to feed PeterThis store, almost directly across from my aunt Elfriede's house, used to be a food store, then a store selling small electrical devices, now it's a social service center

My uncle WernerMy tante Elfriede

Schulgasse 3The drogerie (drugstore) from my aunt Lisl

An assortment of small pretty ceramics. Also you can see a miniature chair that my father madeSome pictures from the photo albums. This is the old swimming pool in Altheim

This same furniture is used daily by my aunt and uncle - she inherited it from her auntSome pictures of her aunt - Tante Steffie. My aunt Elfriede is second from left

After Tante Steffie's husband lost his job in the depression, they opened a milk store - selling milk and other dairy productsThis is the room I used to sleep in when I visited

My aunt Elfriede says she still remembers when this picture was taken - the phototographer told her to listen for the sound of the ocean in the shellMy cousin Markus, in his backery.

These are use to shape the loavesSome of the baking machines

He build a swimming pool at the top of his houseI had dinner many times - there used to be benches

Peter and his cousin