May 6

Finishing Canyonlands Syncline Loop trail, Wilson Arch, Needles Overlook

The next morning, on the hike out. Yesterday, two guys from the east coast who had tried to hike out this way and turned back tried to convince us that it was too dangerous because of a rockslide. After watching with binoculars as other hikers passed this spot with no problems, we decided to go for it.Primrose.

A pinyon pine tree, from which pine nuts come.More blister problems.

After we got to the car, we stopped at the Buck Canyon Overlook, and the Grand ViewPoint Overlook for some great views.

It's too scary to be in any position but on your stomach so close to the edge of a 1000 foot drop.

Wilson Arch, south on highway 191

Eric is like a spec of dust in the eye of the arch...We spent the night in Canyon Rims BLM recreation area. Great scenery, very deserted.

Maybe a bobcat track?

It's kind of hazy here, but you're looking at the Needles district of Canyonlands.We were very glad to get this 4 wheel drive Suzuki Grand Vitara at the rental agency. All we'd paid for was a small compact, but I assume they didn't have any of those left.

This area is also used for grazing.We picked up some firewood, and also some cow patties to try to burn (that didn't work too well).

The campground was gorgeous, with the evening sun hitting it just right.