May 5

Canyonlands Syncline Loop trail

In the Island of the Sky district of Canyonlands.

Starting the Syncline Loop trail.

Exposed wood looks like this after some time in the sun.Random pictures of the trail down to our campsite.

You can catch a glimpse of the Green River in the distance here.

Eric had some blister problems.

It seemed like it was a tradition to add a rock to this particular cairn, so we continued it.In the riverbed were fresh green cottonwood trees.

Indian paintbrush.

Strange texture to these rocks.

Claret cup cactus.These are the fossilized remains of the rippled bottom of an ocean.

The view from our campsite.Eric examining an ant colony.

LarkspurNeat rocks

Relaxing in camp.

Eric cooking dinnerAfter dinner we took a stroll. Eric found a heart-shaped rock.

We also found a survey post from 1954, when this area still belonged to the Bureau of Land Management.This rock looked like a monkey head to me.

There was a bit of sun around sunset, just enough for some great photos of some of the rocks that had fallen from the cliffs.It was almost a full moon...