City in central Burma. Here I visited my Burmese friend Soe's family.

Some kids waving to me as I passed through a train station on the Yangon-Thazi train.  I was a real oddity there as a foreigner, and some people pointed at me and stared.Water vendor, selling to passengers.  The vendors would run up as soon as the train slowed down, and try to sell things to people on the train.

Selling roasted chicken to passengers.  One guy carried the chicken, the other carried the rice.  As soon as you showed even a flicker of interest, they were all over you.  It seemed really unsanitary, though, and I didn't try any.My compartment.  Notice the military officer on the right.

Selling bananas to passengers on the train.In Thazi, I stayed with Soe's family.  This is Soe's mother, grinding thanaka to use on the face and arms.

Here I am, with thanaka paste on my face!Soe's father, mother, and brother in front of their restaurant/guesthouse.

Thanaka for sale at a market.Soe's father, at his office.  He's the local manager of a bank.

Soe's brother and sister, and some of their friends.  The two on the left were boyfriend and girlfriend, but you'd never know it--look how she's leaning away from him!Soe's sister, Nini.

My room.  It had air-conditioning, but the electricity was so unreliable that I used the fan instead.A Buddhist procession outside the hotel.  They were asking for donations for the local temple.

Soe's mother and I, both in a typical Burmese style wrap-around skirt worn by both men and women, called a longyi.I showed Soe's mother how to make an origami crane.

There were three little kids who worked at the guesthouse.  They also tried making origami cranes.