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House Ideas

Clippings from various books and magazines of interesting ideas for Eric and Sylvia's future house.

Corner windows, with built in window seatsWhere there's not a lot of space, this serves well as a staircase. Apparently the design is from Thomas Jefferson.

This is my favorite eating nook picture. I really like the windows on three sides, and the broad windowsills. The seats don't look that comfortable, though.I like the simple lines here, efficiently enclosing the space.

Fresh and sunny corner eating area, right next to a door allowing easy access to the outdoors. I like the close proximity to the kitchen as well. Who needs a dining room?If you can't have a great view, then having a private patio like this would be great. I think the plants would be pretty essential.

This is part of the same house. I like the french doors to the patio areaHaving an enclosed patio like this along the side of a house makes the outdoors seem a part of the house, and increases the useable space without much extra expense.

Simple, clean lines, corner windows, lots of light, and access to the outdoors are what attract me to this one.I love rooftop patios!

Like the idea of varnished plywood as flooring. Economical, simple.The idea of a skycraper in the woods is appealing...also the idea of each floor having lots of privacy.

Another charming rooftop patio.Why do I like this one? The clean lines, and also because there's muliple access points to a very simple, elegant deck area.

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