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House Ideas

Clippings from various books and magazines of interesting ideas for Eric and Sylvia's future house.

Like the window. Like the deck outside.

Like the concept of semi-outdoor rooms. Having a door opening to a deck is like doubling the living space.

Clean, simple bedroom. Another bench seat.

And another. I like the idea of a bench just inside the front door, although it would have to have more storage than this one.

Storage underneath the bed--great idea. What a super place to grow herbs.

I like the idea of having favorite pictures up on a wall, where you can look at them every day. A very small bedroom. Doesn't seem like the under-bed storage is very accessible.

Open to an outdoor patio. I love compact cubbyhole offices like this.

I like the big wall of seating area here, plus how the kitchen is enclosed yet overlooks the living area Another small compact office

Like the openness to the outdoors, the window seat, casual, comfortable seating Mini staircase up to a loft

I like the slanted ceiling over the bed here, with build-ins underneath Great view with a compact sociable living area. And window seats

Another view of the same house Dining area right next to kitchen, with built in seat. Light woods, deck outside, kitchen out of sight yet can see out

Another view of the same house

In the background you see a sunken family room. I really like the idea of a cozy get-together room on a lower level than the main house, a place where you can sit on wall-to-wall carpet and hang out.

I really like corner windows. A combination built in window seat and guest bed--what a great idea!
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