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House Ideas

Clippings from various books and magazines of interesting ideas for Eric and Sylvia's future house.

Homes on huge lots in beautiful UtahI like the way there's not a lot of differentiation between indoors and out.

Great l-shaped corner window, sunny room.I like the idea of a padded bench in the kitchen, although this table doesn't really fit.

Like the office tucked into a sunny cornerI like the sunny window seat, but I have my doubts whether this would actually be comfortable, because you can't lean back on the glass.

I like the simple shape of this house.Like the modernistic outline.

Shallow shelves give you more efficient storage space, because you can see everything at a glance.What a view!

If you can't have a view, having a private enclosed terrace like this would be nice.A wonderfully sunny quiet reading nook.

I'd love to have a deck with trees growing through it like this.Seems like a good idea--have your exercise machines in the bathroom.

I like the lines of this house......and this one.

The idea of having a little shelf where you could have a rotating assortment of pictures is great.Like the bright, colorful aspect of this room.

Clean lines on bed.Everything is close together in this kitchen.

Like the built-in benches and the cafe curtains, which give a lot of light and still offer privacy.Lots of windows, open to a nice green area.

Sunny room, open to the outdoors.Like the window seat.

A morning view like this...Open to the outdoors...

A bench such as this one is a good way to be comfortable, yet outdoors.Open to the outdoors.
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