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Old Family photos

Sylvia's old family photos

1976? In Baldwinsville, NY1976

1976 October In Baldwinsville, NY.1976

1976? With my cat Muschi1976 At the beach...probably Cape Cod.

1976 With my family at Niagra Falls1977 My maternal grandparents in Stadl Paura

1977 June - In my aunt and uncles garden in Altheim1977? My birthday in Charlotte

1977? At Freedom park in Charlotte.1978? My cousins Claudia and Gerhard came for a visit, then toured the US with my brother Alex.

1978? At Myrtle Beach1978 Before building the addition on the house in Charlotte, NC.

1978? Next door neighbors Mark and Randy Arthur.1978? At a park in Charlotte

1978 Carowinds theme park in South Carolina. My brother Tom had just broken his arm the previous day.1979 Carowinds.

1978 Carowinds theme park.1978

1978 My 6th grade class in Charlotte, North Carolina1978 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1979 My mother and brothers in Cape Hatteras1979 With my maternal grandparents, my brother Tom, and our first Muschi

1979 July My maternal grandparents in Stadl Paura. He had pancreatic cancer at the time.1979 August - on the Wolfgangsee

1979? Freedom park in Charlotte1979? With my friend Heidi and brother Tom. Goofily dressed in double plaids, with braces.
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