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Old Family photos

Sylvia's old family photos

1952 Fall excursion with his class.1953 My father front right. He was on a class excursion to Vienna.

1954 February 6 - Fasching. Blue-white night ball at Casino Steyr1954 February 13, Fasching - Masked ball at Muenichholz

1954 February 27 Pirate Ball1954 February 27 Pirate Ball

1954 "Fasching - Ball d. Bundesgewerbeschule, Casino Steyr, 5. Feb. 1954"1954 My dad.

1955 My mother1955 My grandfather, on the right, as a police officer

1956 My father in Austria, before emigrating to Canada1955 My aunt Elfriede

1957 My parent's wedding. From left to right, paternal grandfather, mother, maternal grandfather, father, paternal grandmother, uncle Fritz, unknown woman, maternal grandmother. Women didn't wear wedding gowns in Austria at the time, but it looks like my father is wearing gloves.1957 My parents at their marriage.


1957 July Leaving Austria to go to Canada. From the left, my maternal grandfather, my uncle Fritz, unknown woman, my aunt Elfriede, maternal grandmother, unknown person, my mother (half visible)1957 My mother on the left, her parents and brother, and my mother's grandfather Leopold Kronberger.

1957 My father, on the boat "Seven Seas" headed to Montreal.1958 My father's birthplace in Altheim, Austria.

1959 My father in Cape Cod, Massachusets.1959 My parents in Montreal, Canada

1961 Beloit, Wisconson.1961 My father and brother Alex in Wisconson

1962 Beloit, Wisconson1962 My dad shoveling snow in Watertown, New York

1962 My paternal grandparents, Alois and Caecillia Moestl, on the Gossausee, Austria1963 My father and mother and brother Alex.
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