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Old Family photos

Sylvia's old family photos

1936 My paternal grandfather, Alois Moestl. He was 47 years old then.1937? My father (bottom left) with friends and family. Uncle Eric top left, Aunt Elfriede second from right.

1937? My father with his siblings. Don't know who's on the right.1937? My father

1938 My father with his school class on an outing to Burghausen. He's in the front right1939 My mother, on her first day of school

1940 ? The house my father was born in, before extensive renovation.1940 My paternal grandmother, sometime in the 1940s

1940 My father, 9 years old in the back yard1940 My paternal grandfather, 51 years old

1940 My mother's maternal grandmother1940 My mother going skating on the Donau, in Vienna

1940 My mother with her mother, Kahlenberg, near Vienna1942 My father, 11 years old

1944 My father is on the right.1945 My father, with his Godmother when he was being confirmed

1947? My father with his good friend Stockinger, next to a shelter on top of some mountain (Gimonihuette?)1948 My father with a woman in Burgstall, some property that his father owned.

1949 July1949

1949 February - My father on the left, his friend Stockinger next to him. In the Tauern mountains.1949 July My father is on the left.

1949? My father in the back, head next to the blackboard. He was in training as a mechanic for a while.1950 March 12

1950? A postcard of Altheim, Austria, the town my dad was born in.1950 April - My uncle Erich and aunt Lisl on their wedding day

1952 Class excursion. My father is on the far right. A bridge in Steyr1952? My father is on the far left of the right table.
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