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Old Family photos

Sylvia's old family photos

1985 June Graduating from high school1985 May. With my father at the outer banks.

1985? My dad in Charlotte. This magnolia tree is huge now.1985? My father and Tom visited our friends the Trummers in Virginia

1985? My friend Heidi is on the left1985? Helping my dad with his handle and knob importing business at a furniture show.

1986 July - Roman ruins close to the Austrian border with Hungary1986 Along highway 1 in California. My dad and I visited Alex in San Francisco that Christmas.

1987 ?? My dad and I in Charlotte.

1988 January - On a hunting stand1988 January - Hausruckwald

1988 August - My aunt Elfriede wanted me to try on her wedding dress.1988 August - At a ruin in Muehlviertel, Austria

1988 August - Near Gmunden, Traunstein in the background1988 August - Schloegener Schlinge/Donau

1988 Visiting relatives in Austria on my way to do a spring semester abroad in Seville, Spain.1990 September. My aunt Elfriede, niece Natasha, cousin Gerhard, and his two sons Florian and Patrick.

1992 June. Niece Natasha at aunt Elfriede's place in Altheim.1992 March. Some of my Austrian relatives came for a visit. From the right, my uncle Werner, my aunt Elfriede, my uncle Erich, my dad, my aunt Lisl, my brother Tom, and his ex-girlfriend Dylan.

1992 My father with his two siblings, Elfriede and Erich, in Charlotte.1992 My dad in Florida. He was on a trip with relatives from Austria.

1992 My dad and aunt in the kitchen of the house in Charlotte1992? My niece Natascha in Austria, in my aunt Elfriede's garden

1993 December. Just before going out to the Microsoft Christmas Party in Charlotte, NC.1993 My brother Tom, about to take a trip.
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