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Old Family photos

Sylvia's old family photos

1900 My paternal grandmother's mother, Lilli Schoepl.1900 The back of the above.

Undated - She was also known as Caezilie Weinhaeupl (Schoeppl was the maiden name)1901 My paternal great-grandparents, with their family and servants. From right to left, Luise, Josef Weinhaupl (great-grandfather), Berta, Caecillia (my grandmother), my great-grandmother, an unknown son, Josef. They're in front of the Weinhaupl bakery, in Altheim, Austria. He was a baker and also a furrier.

1908 My mother's grandparents1909 The mother of my paternal grandfather

1909 The backside of the above photo.1910? My mother's maternal grandfather

1912 Caecilia and Luise Weinhaeupl (my paternal grandmother, on the right, and her sister)

1912 ? Caecilia Weinhaeupl, 1894 - 19721912? My mother's maternal grandparents

1916 My paternal grandmother, Caecillia (Weinhaupl) Moestl at about age 231919 My paternal grandmother. On the back it says "Andenken von Schw. Cilli!"

1929 My paternal grandmother, with aunt Elfriede and uncle Eric. My father hasn't been born yet.1930 My father's grandfather, Josef Weinhaupl.

1930? My great, great grandmother. She died in 19331931 My father, 10 months old

1931? My father, with his mother.1931 Caecilia Leblhuber, my grandmother

1932 My aunt Elfriede at about age 41934 February My father

1935? My maternal grandfather, on the left1936 My father, around age 5

1936 From left to right, my uncle Erich, Aunt Elfriede, and father1936 My mother with her father.

1936 My maternal grandfather in his policeman's uniform.1936 June My father
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