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Fall 2017

Trips and activities in last 2017

Peter playing videogames at Hillsboro air showCooling towers of nuclear power plant (never used - what a waste!) at Elma

Old pickleball court next to airstrip on Orcas IslandAt the Dawn Rising charity event with Ilana and Victoria

Bike ride on Green River TrailA really friendly lady we met on the way

Halloween party - Kelly's

I was a zombie birdwatcherOrcas Island with Jean

Peter in his Grim Reaper costumeCub scout marshmallow gun event

Walking across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Once is plenty.Cedar River Trail Park

On Whidbey Island - Fort Casey and Fort Ebey

At the lighthouseThe teddy bears

Found a geocache!


Trip to Hoquiam

Somerset Chorale - my choir concertVideo of Concert
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