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September 2016

Evergreen State Fair and Yellow Aster Butte

Kenny, magnet fishing Hiking around Tiger Mountain

At Ft Lewis airshow

Kenny, with the first money he ever earned, tutoring a 1st grade girl in math

Kenny with Ryan, the first day of 7th grade Peter, on the second day of 4th grade (missed the first day)

Making no-knead bread At the clay pit, in Cougar Mountain State Park

There's a whole pile of brick debris At the Evergreen State Fair these are show beef cattle, very well cleaned and groomed

Yes, they're being blow-dried This cow just got a special spray mousse put on, that apparently makes each individual hair stand up

Show sheep The fruit and vegetable displays had clearly been there a few days, but were still prettty

Chainsaw sculpture A hike around Naches Peak


Kenny and Peter met some other kids, and went frog hunting Dewey Lake. We unfortunately got off track, and detoured down here

This bridge is part of the Pacific Crest Trail Jean, Gary and I did an overnight backpacking trip to Yellow Aster Butte. It was one of the most scenic hikes I've ever done. I had a hard time winnowing down the photos, this is my best attempt.

The blueberry bushes were loaded

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