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Visiting old friends and seeing our old hangouts!

Headed over the river - visiting our friends the Delebecque family At the Ludoteque - the toy library

The school playground With Michele

The soccer court where the kids played a lot Parc La Grange

Our old apartment - streetside view! At the Coop grocery store, very close to our apartment

The Migros The old Expedia office (it's moved, though)

It turns out we were there during the Fete de Geneve, which was unfortunate because it's basically a huge fair, with fair food and rides, which completely obscures the beautiful waterfront The pier for the Jet d'Eau (not turned on at this point)

Peter walking with Mathis The Baby Plage beach playground - a few things gone, the elderly man who built it and was always there has died, appparently. But it keeps on going! Here's a picture of Peter and Kenny on it when we lived in Geneva

In front of the musuem of Natural History. Apparently there's a white elephant city project on the top floor - a live reptile zoo - which is defunct, but they still have 2 or 3 people employed to take care of the anicals The Museum of Art and History

On the steps of the cathedral At the cannons, in old town

Snazzy bike...

Walking along the waterfront in Geneva The child-finger-biter swans (a child nearby was crying, had just gotten nipped when feeding the swans)

Bains des Pâquis

On the ferry boat back (Kenny had just had a bloody nose) Parc des Eaux-Vives
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