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Another beautiful old walled city, southeast of Liverpool

Love these narrow canal boats We saw these fire assembly points EVERYWHERE in England. Obviously some overdone government regulation.

A pigeon house very close to our hotel, that marked the spot where we would get off the town wall to walk to our hotel View from the Eastgate tower. It was quite busy when we first walked there, but everything shut down tight around 5 PM - first time I've seen that in England.

Along the city wall The Dee river in Chester

The horse racing track

These black and white houses were very popular in medieval Chester, but more of these are Victorian reproductions On the city wall, looking down at the Shropsire Union canal

This boat was actually the one associated with the Mill Hotel, where we stayed

On the way to Conwy Castle in Wales - another castle visible in the hills Heading up the castle walls

Conwy castle is a very typical looking, sand-castle type castle There were almost no intact interior rooms with ceilings, but the towers were fun to climb into

Kenny, working on the treasure hunt

Lots of places that you needed to be careful! Picnicking in the castle

We waited a long time, until nobody but Kenny was on this tower
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