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Working through our jet lag, and enjoying Belgium National Day

Our first day in Brussels, walking around, trying to stay awake. This is the central square in Brussels - Grande Place It was scorching hot. In the background is the "manekin pis", a very overrated statue

Lots of military presence on the street. Our first meal

We were pretty tired One of the first indoor "malls" or arcades in the world - Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

On the first day, Peter was practically falling asleeep on his feet

The socialist party headquarters The hallway at our apartment.

Aaahh...screen time back at our apartment One of the many EU buildings in Brussels

At the Square du Petit Sablon.

Dinner at Brasserie Ploegmans

At the very impressive Parc du Cinquantenaire Kenny and Eric really enjoyed the Royal Museum of History. It was old fashioned, and almost deserted.

A World War II display of a bunker, with a triple bunk bed

We were lucky enough to be in Brussels for the Belgium National Day. There were massive celebrations, with lots of events for children - mainly run by the military, it seems. Kenny had fun on this device. We got there early, so he had the first ride of the day

The kids get camouflague face paints put on

Finding mines Peter gets a fake wound painted on his arm. The look of it creeped him out, and bothered him so much that he rubbed it off soon after, to the dismay of some on-lookers who thought we were washing off a real wound.

Kenny got one too. He also couldn't stand it more than a few hours It was pretty authentic looking
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