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A visit to Austin, Texas

The Capital building was beautifulOld water fountain

In the building, there's a mural of the 6 different countries that conrolled Texas over the years (France, Spain, Mexico, Confederate US, US, Republic of Texas)At the Bullock museum

This is the Mountain Laurel seed and seed pod. When rubbed on concrete, the red seed gets really, really hot - there's some kind of chemical reaction. The kids collected them.Waiting, along with a lot of other people, for the bats to fly out of the Congress Street Bridge

A lot of tour boats also came by to see

Those dots are the actual bats, flying out!

Video of the bats flying

Austin from our hotelAt the grafitti park. The kids found some spray paint cans that weren't empty, and made their mark!

Visiting Paige's parents cattle rangeVery nice and green

Getting rid of some thorny plantsThe kids got to drive the golf cart too!

Kenny found this spear point thereCandy cigarettes from a candy store on south Congress street
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