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Late fall 2015

School, local adventures, and a visit to Vancouver

A tasty lunchSan Juan island is always lovely

Melissa visiting

Kenny in cross-countryKenny's 12th birthday

Peter with his cub scout pack

Peter and the Lucas' dogHalloween costumes

Hiking with Jean - Margaret's way, passing through an old RV camp

Peter and part of his soccer teamAt the Somerset Math Adventure

At Larsen Lake with RyanPeter at rain gutter regatta

Peter sold the most popcorn in the pack!In Vancouver - Fort Langley

Kenny found some "gold" (gold painted bb's) in the gold panning areaWalking around the Vancouver waterfront

This seagull looks like it has a deformed beak - actually, that's a folded up starfish that it's gradually swallowing!

At the Vancouver Aquarium
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