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Day 2

Big Timber to Camp Siberia/Anderson Camp

Disaster - turns out that we needed to protect the food from squirrels just as much as from bears. Notice all the gnawed holes in my empty food bags! Good thing I had extra. Also, I got an angry rash from some new socks

Breakfast coffee The culprit in the food theft? Maybe.

Silty feet after fording a river

We walked through a scary area where ALL the trees were blown down. Maybe from the huge windstorm about 9 years ago?

Leaving Honeymoon Meadow

Purifying water with Kelly's squeeze device

We camped for the night at Camp Siberia, also marked as Anderson Camp on some maps. I guess Camp Siberia doesn't sound so good! Drinking water was a trek away, but through a beautiful meadow.

We all climbed this boulder

Looking towards O'Neil pass

Jean setting up the bear wire There was an old wooden shelter at the campsite that we used to keep the stove out of the wind
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