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Day 1

End of road to Big Timber

Breakfast at Denny's before hike

At the Dosewallips trailhead, ready to go. Lots of big logs laying around

What's now the trail was formerly a road, but it was closed in 2004 after a washout Lots of areas with dead trees

Interesting rocks

Since this was a road, there were old road signs - DO NOT STOP VEHICLE ON STEEP GRADE

Volunteer Ranger Ray hikes these trails frequently, and gave us some information about the nearby fires which we smelled. Kelly, exceeding the speed limit

Our first lunch, at a former car campground An old bear locker. I wish all the campsites had these, would have saved us having to carry the heavy bear vaults.

Finally, after 5.5 miles of walking caused by the washed out road, we reach the trailhead. Lots of neat little bridges, often of different designs

The Dosewallips river is far, far below us

Beautiful mossy area At the Big Timber campsite, Jean and Kelly braved the icy waters to bathe.

First time, setting up my tent for real

Our camp Purifying water
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