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Costa Rica!

We visited Costa Rica to see the Blatt family, now living there.

Peter at Parque La SabanaThe first evening, we participated in a Zumba class at the Escazu town park.

On the way to La Fortuna - the road was blocked. We thought there were two blockages, but it was actually just one (but we came at it from 2 directions). It made driving anywhere from our hotel much more difficult.

Us driving on the dirt road detourLunch in La Fortuna

At our hotel Princessa De La Luna - south of La Fortuna. Lots of tadpoles in this semi-drained poolThe most comfortable seats in the house

At the swimming poolAt the mud bath down by the river

A chair made out of old yokes for oxenThe kids enjoyed petting the cat, which was pregnant - you could feel her babies moving

The kids at the Soda Osires, the restaurant we went to all the time.Some red-eyed frogs mating

This toad definitely didn't want to be in the pictureFunny looking frog

These ants, called Bullet ants, are very large. Apparently the bite is very painfulThe patio

Our clothes, which never driedBreakfast at the lodge

Leafcutter ants were everywhere.A few scenes from the road

We did a zipline tour! Very exciting. Peter is all geared up to go.

Showing our true feelings
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