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New York

The Vasilik's take a trip to New York City with Sylvia's mother, Inge.

Our hotel in New York City was the Park Lane Hotel, right across from Central Park. We were able to wander around Central Park a lot.Peter really loved climbing on the rocks

This skyscraper under construction is the skinniest I've ever seenWe had a little easter treasure hunt in the hotel room. The hunt was much more fun than the candies that they found.

The Heckscher playground in Central Park

My mom, on the swing

Really nice sounding group, at the Bethesda TerraceThis lady was making gigantic bubbles, and collecting donations

At the model boat pond. We met a guy who made a very accurate model of a boat that he found in an anime cartoon. He let both Peter and Kenny control it.

These are some other models built by the same guyAt the Alice in Wonderland statue - pretty crowded!

A huge pile of plowed snow, melting.

Sheep MeadowAt the FAO Schwartz store

Along the High Line park

Lots of construction going on nearby - from the billboards, it seems like living close to the High Line park is very popular

The lines, people waiting to get to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. We passed.Instead, we took the Staten Island Ferry. Still had some good views, and it was free!
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