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Houseboat tour

Floating home (houseboat) show with Judy

First a quick picture of my aunt's old home...or should I say, where it stood? It's been torn down and converted ot what looks like a parking area by the brewery Wurmhöringer Brauerei. I had a lot of memories hereAnd now, the floating home pictues. I took lots to remember some of the home design ideas I liked the most.

A little cluttered, but a very efficient setupNo coffee tables, only trunks, to provide storage

A British supermodel apparently owns this mega-yacht

A well designed, nice looking showerThis bonsai collection was inherited

I loved these rooms...lots of cheerful yellow

Lots of the houseboats have a tremendous amount of built-in storage

Most of the houseboats had spiral staircases up to the rooftop patio...this was more diceyThe shack on the right goes for 1.7 million - just the moorage spot

Cool how this easy chair contains it's own footrest!Love the rock collection

View from a rooftop balconyThis place had garage doors instead of sliding doors

Space efficient drawers on the bathroom vanity

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