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Sylvia's Mom's visit and a trip to Astoria/Fort Stevens

Kenny at his school play Rattlesnake Ridge hike with Ilana

Kayak trip with Jean on Lake Sammamish/Sammamish River Touring Seattle with my mom, in for a visit from Charlotte

We took a boat tour of Lake Union and Lake Washington

Peter is seven years old! He receives a mask and snorkel set for his birthday

We had a birthday party at the Somerset Rec Club

Firemen come to visit a local block party, and Peter gets to try on a fireman's outfit

At Pike Place Market

We watched a cruise boat loading up with food At the Olympic Sculpture Garden

Eric took my mom and Peter for a ride in an airplane

And Peter falls asleep! We also did the Boeing factory tour. You're not allowed to take pictures, but they do have a pretty sophisticated setup where you can have a picture taken, then you can pick the background, and they'll email it to you.

At the Japanese Garden at the Arboretum

At the locks

We went hunting for amber on Tiger Mountain
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