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Back to the US

First few months in back in the US, including Christmas

On the flight back to SeattleSeeing old friends

Neighborhood partyWith Terry and Sue and friends on Whidbey Island

First day back at school!

Peter and the letter we wrote to his teacher back in GenevaMelissa

Kenny with a Knex toyThe kids went to a Bellevue Fire Department event with Eric

Meanwhile, I went on a Northrup Canyon hike with the Ice Age Floods Institute. A very long drive, but interesting sights and friendly people.

The old homestead that used to be back here

Again, from the top

The kids sure do have a great view on their way to school (when it's not rainy, that is)

Kenny playing soccerEric is very proud of his beef broccoli

Peter at Remlinger Farms school tripOur shipment from Geneva comes

Peter got $5 when I sold his old bikePeter and his menagerie

Kenny on a field trip to the Issaquah salmon hatcheryHalloween party in Peter's class
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